History of Japanese Cuisine

Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when Japanese cuisine is mentioned is elegantly lined, fresh sushi in authentic Japanese platters and bowls of steaming rice. While sushi is an exquisite delicacy enjoyed, and served at Japanese restaurants all over the world, there are a number of other dishes and flavors that constitute authentic Japanese dining.

Because the country is surrounded by water, the seafood supply is rich and abundant and the Japanese have mastered the art of preparing exotic seafood dishes in their seasonal spices, which are now famous across the globe.

Seafood and fish is also the staple form of meat in the country because of the history associated with the consumption of meat. With the rise of the Soga clan and Buddhism in Japan, the consumption of meat, particularly that of mammals became a taboo. In the year 675 AD, the 40th emperor of Japan, Emperor Temmu imposed a strict probation on meat consumption. However, meat (deer or wild boar) was still consumed at various occasions even during that era, but the practice was an uncommon one.

There is almost no documented information about the cuisine and food preferences of the Japanese prior to the Edo period, which marks the beginning of an era of progress in terms of literature, development as well as rich cuisine. It was after the fall of the Tang dynasty in 9th century that Japan made considerable progress in terms of better dining and the choice of ingredients.

During the Jomon period, agricultural development in the country was on a rise and it was during this period that the cultivation and consumption of rice became popular. Rice is still considered a staple meal in Japan today.

The tenth and eleventh centuries marked remarkable refinement in Japanese cooking all over the country with exotic recipes, lavish banquets and the incorporation of new vegetable, sauces and seasoning in the dishes.

Different kinds of Japanese delicacies are famous in most parts of the world, where people opt for authentic Japanese dining owing to its unmatched taste, exotic flavors, preparation techniques, health value and outstanding simplicity.

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